Photo contest complete in social media


con-1Winner’s piece of work

A Photo contest in social media is over. It was necessary to add an original image with a Ciko product to a special contest photo album in the group.


6 semifinalists from different regions of Russia were awarded with tasty prizes by the company. A girl from Samara, Anna Burmatnova happened to be the finalist! Her work happened to be the most creative and laborous, and she collected great number of voices. Anna was presented with last model Ipad  and sunny mix of Ciko products.

Наши поздравления отправляются в город Самару, самому большому ценителю продукции!


We communicate our congratulations to the city of Samara for the greatest product devotee!

UrPqycYLW0cContest winner



Finalists’ works:

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