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What do seeds mean in dreams?

Any seeds and pips in a dream mean symbolize well-being and wealth. A dream, in which you happen to nibble or husk seeds bespeaks luck and prosperity. If you saw sunflower seeds in a dream, this promises changes in your life. If you fry seeds in a dream, you'll get an opportunity to take much new and useful from communication with a wise person.

What seeds are more healthful?

Seeds in a coat are more healthful than bare ones. In the bare seeds fats oxidize. Furthermore, husking the seeds is a kind of meditation, which means this procedure has psychotherapeutic effect. This process absorbs a person so much, that he or she gets distracted from stress, switching to something else.
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As much calcium as in sour cream

Seeds contain about as much calcium as in calcium and fruit yoghurt. Moreover, the seeds are rich with vitamins that strengthen skin integument and mucosae, and do normalize acid-alkaline balance.


Excellent snack

Seeds digest in a man’s stomach about two hours. So a pack of seeds may be an excellent snack, when you don’t have a regular food.
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The highest sunflower

The highest was about 7 meters high. It was grown in Netherlands. The lowest one - 5 cm.

How many grains are there in a kilo of seeds?

There are about 9000 grains in a kilogram of seeds. And in one sunflower you can find about 2000 seeds.
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